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    I want a regular family sitcom with cheap jokes and laughing tracks, which gradually get more and more disturbing until it turns to a psychological horror film with the laughing tracks still going


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  2. oscars-for-leo:

    When your favorite band members aren’t attractive but you think they are because you’re blinded by love

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    Dear Alex Hirsch,
    I know you were busy with Comic-con this weekend, but you could’ve at -least- dropped in on my Summerween birthday party. It was hella rad. I had Jack-o’-melons and everything!

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    the first rule of fight club


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  4. guy:

    when the artist u hate releases a catchy song


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    I can’t stop laughing

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    ppl who are shy at first but become obnoxious and loud once theyre comfortable around you r awesoem. hold on  a sec wait pt this text ost on hold. theres pirate ship outside my window right now whath the 

    I LIVE BY A R river I CANT GET A CLEAR picture its turnign around


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    Orlando Bloom, Luke Evans & Lee Pace at San Diego Comic-Con

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