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  1. "I’ve found that people love me when I expect little from them, and hate me when I expect more. What they fail to realise is that the higher my expectation, the greater my belief in their ability to be amazing."

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  2. ahkep:


    the past is a strange place

    cops on bikes used to transport criminals like this


    this guy worked as an alarm for waking people up


    one wheel motorcycle


    pin-boys who manually lined pins up


    baby cage for families who wanted their kids to get enough sunlight


    zoo-keeper showering a penguin


    But who woke up the guy that woke everyone else up

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    anyway howd he get in there

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  3. slayer-slayer-slayer:


    if you work at a sex shop is it still nsfw


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  4. sketchavolie:

    So at my freshman orientation for college, we had a presentation on sexual assault. The lady who spoke was fantastic, and this was her opening PowerPoint slide. I wish I had gotten the rest of it.

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  5. marniethedog:

    I love art

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    Your face!!! He is perfect!

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  6. lilferns:

    this is so funny to me it looks like a picture that would be used in one of those emo love story youtube videos when the emo couple has a baby

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